Hex Recon Sonic + Source Backpacks


Hex Recon Sonic + Source Backpacks

While Hex is probably best known to iLounge readers for its iPod nano watchbands and iPhone-ready wallets, the company’s lineup of Mac-ready backpacks is becoming more impressive all the time. Witness Recon Sonic ($100) and Recon Source ($60), two military surplus-style bags made from charcoal- or khaki-colored heavy canvas material with webbed straps and leather zipper pulls; Sonic is the larger version with an iPad-ready pocket up top, and Source is a little smaller with an iPad-sized pocket on the bottom front. Both look seriously handsome, and differ in the way they allocate their internal space.

Of the two bags, the bigger Recon Sonic is the version to choose if you have a 17” MacBook Pro that needs to be carried into battle—it has a compartment inside with enough room for Apple’s biggest laptop, as well as an organizer pocket for pens, business/ID cards, a wallet, and other goodies. The Recon Source is more of a catchall bag with one large compartment that doesn’t have dedicated spaces for computers and other items, but could easily be used to tote around a MacBook Pro or any Air as long as it’s inside an otherwise protective shell. Each bag is also offered in a blended wool version called “Varsity” rather than “Recon” at the same prices.

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