Humanscale M8

There are lots of options for mounting a Cinema Display or an iMac, but how many of them look like robot arms? That’s where M8 ($460) from Humanscale comes into play – or work. This awesome industrial articulating arm is a great solution for putting your screen on a wall or even just mounting it on your desk to get back the look and feel of the classic iMac G4, including angle articulation.

Able to support up to 42 pounds, M8 can easily handle even the largest 27-inch iMac. The design is universal enough to fit in almost anywhere, but the sleek, modern metal look stands out enough to make a statement, without having some of the awkward pipes and springs seen in other screen-mounting solutions. Integrated cable management helps keeps cords and clutter out of the way, and with an optional crossbar you could even get two 21-inch iMacs up there. Silver and polished aluminum finishes are available, with either white or gray accents.

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