Ian Page Mactracker 6.0

Now available in the App Store, Ian Page’s Mactracker 6.0 (Free) would be neat enough if it was just a compendium of different Mac computer models, but it’s more than that: there’s a chronological database starting with the 1983 Lisa and progressing through even the latest “early 2011” MacBook Pro models, plus every iPod, iPhone, iPad, and major Apple-branded Mac accessory. Each Mac entry includes details on the machine’s processor, dimensions, supported versions of the Mac OS, memory and expansion capabilities, plus a lot more—a great reference tool if you’re trying to figure out how your computers have evolved over the years.

Techies will appreciate the details Page has rounded up in Mactracker, including model numbers, order numbers, and initial prices for all of Apple’s products, sometimes alongside product codenames, and always with bits of historical information gleaned from Apple-history.com, TheAppleMuseum, or Wikipedia. Links to Apple’s official support pages are included, too. iPods, iPhones, and iPads are shown in most of their original colors, with details on iTunes compatibility and special feature additions. There’s a lot of handy information inside for a free app.

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