iBrewMaster, Inc. iBrewMaster

Home brewing is a fun hobby, relying on science and creativity to produce a popular product: beer! If you’ve never tried using a home brewing kit, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish using one along with iBrewMaster, Inc.‘s iBrewMaster ($20*) from the Mac App Store. This app truly has everything you need to manage the brewing process from beginning to end, educating you on how to tweak the steps to change the flavor of your beer.


iBrewMaster comes loaded with 540 recipes, which should be plenty to satisfy pretty much any taste. A big part of the brewing process is timing and the built-in scheduler helps you to keep track of all of your brews. The app also calculates all the important stats, including specific gravities, alcohol content, and IBUs. There are even video tutorials among the dozens of other features. Suffice it to say that if it’s important to the brewing process, iBrewMaster does it. The app’s currently on a 25% discount off of its regular retail price in celebration of its launch.

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