id Software Rage: Campaign Edition

If there’s one thing that’s been missing from the Mac App Store, it’s a game that lets you fight against hoards of mutants in a post-apocolypic, not-too-distant future. Thankfully Aspyr Media has righted this wrong today by bringing id Software’s Rage: Campaign Edition ($40) to our favorite platform. Coming only four months after the release of the console versions—that’s not to shabby when it comes to Mac gaming—this title brings the full single-player campaign from the popular FPS with bonus equipment from the Anarchy Edition.

Rage runs on id’s OpenGL based id Tech 5 Engine; the game was actually first shown off as a tech demo during the 2007 WWDC. After an asteroid hits the earth, you’re forced to fight your way through a world full of bandit gangs and mutants with all sorts of fun weapons. Driving is a big part of the game too, with the ability to customize your buggy and compete in death races. Rage is pretty resource intensive, so make sure you check out the system requirements before dropping your hard earned cash on it.

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