iFixit iMac Dual Hard Drive Kit

iFixit’s easy to love. Not only does the little repair shop tear apart every new Apple product just to see what’s inside, but sometimes it finds hidden treasures, too. The most recent discovery: mounting points inside both models of the latest generation iMac—even the smaller version—for a second 2.5” hard drive. Naturally, the company has found a way to take advantage of this space. Just as it did for the Mac mini a few months ago, iFixit is now offering Dual Hard Drive Kits for the 21.5” and 27” iMac ($70).

Each kit comes with a SATA power cable, a SATA data cable, 3M mounting tape, two heavy-duty suction cups, a 26 piece bit driver kit, and a spudger—everything you need for the installation except for the drive itself. You can choose either a standard hard disk, or an SSD for super-speedy booting and app launching. Although iFixit provides easy to follow instructions, be warned that this is rated as a difficult process and it definitely voids the computer’s warranty, so proceed at your own risk. Fun fact: the iMac’s glass screen shield is held on with super strong magnets, which is why you’ll need the suction cups and a safe place to put the glass while you’re working.

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