Ikea Fixa 114-Piece Cable Management Set

Even if you’re trying to “cut the cord” with accessories, you probably still have plenty of cables strewn about your desk. We can’t all have work surfaces that look like the neatly arranged tables at the Apple Store, but Ikea’s 114-Piece Cable Management Set ($5) at least gives you the tools to tidy up a bit. Packed with a variety of organizational accessories, it has what you need to hide your cords away.

Each box includes three sets of Velcro cable ties, 20 8” ties, 65 cable clips of various thicknesses, and 26 self-adhesive cable tie mounts. You can bundle your cables together from the back of your machine out to your peripherals and outlets, and create paths on the underside of your desk. It’s cleaner than just leaving all of the wires in their natural places, and inexpensive, besides.

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