iLuv iCB718 Card Reader with 2 USB Ports

Announced at CES this January, iLuv’s new set of Mac-matching adapters and cables are now shipping; some compete directly with products that Apple has been offering for years, while others are new and distinctive. Of the bunch, our favorite is iCB718 ($40), also known as the Card Reader with 2 USB Ports, for those who don’t speak part number.

Located at the end of a 3.1” USB cable, this hub provides a few extra ports that’ll be especially handy for MacBook Air users and those who shoot pictures to anything but SD cards. One side has two USB connections for a net gain of one port. It also has two slots for memory cards including microSD, xD, and Memory Stick. On the other side, you’ll find room for a Compact Flash card. It’s a pretty simple concept, but for photographers on the go, this could definitely come in handy.

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