iLuv iCC1203 Protective Flexi-Frame for MacBook Pro

Most developers are so focused right now on slimming down their MacBook-protecting shells that they’ve stopped trying to use two different colors at the same time. iLuv’s new iCC1203 ($60) takes a different approach—it isn’t trying to be the thinnest option on the block.

iLuv iCC1203 Protective Flexi-Frame for MacBook Pro

Instead, it tastefully combines frosted clear hard plastic cores with soft rubber edging in your choice of four different colors, letting part of the 13” or 15” MacBook Pro shine through while accenting the rest.

Full port access is provided by the largely open sides of the iCC1203, which has moldings with tapered openings for the power light, IR sensor, and battery lights in addition to a push-through cover for the battery status button.

iLuv also provides a ton of vents on the bottom of the shell, which compromise protection but do enable the MacBook Pro models to breathe. Black rubber feet are integrated, as well, to keep the plastic from scuffing against a table.