IMG Lighting Beacon 600 + 600LE

IMG Lighting’s Beacon 600 and 600LE desktop lamps ($130-$150) are somewhat funky-looking, but they’ve been designed to complement Apple’s MacBook Pro. Other than the obviously unique design, the big selling point is how they produce light: these lamps use 600 Lumen LEDs rather than conventional bulbs. Not only do they give you the bright light that you need, they’re better for the environment, too.

IMG’s selected LEDs have quite a few advantages over bulbs. First, they use a whole lot less energy, and second, the color’s somewhat mellow, rather than a harsh white or soft yellow. And they last for about 50,000 hours of use—over 2,080 days, or almost six years of continuous on time. Beacon 600 is available in black, while 600LE comes in a limited-edition, semi-opaque white finish. The 600LE also has a neat ambient glow effect because of its translucence. A red version is also available.

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