Incase Hammered Hardshell Case for MacBook Air

It’s hard to find a pattern that hasn’t been used in some sort of Mac accessory over the years, but Incase is using a relatively uncommon one here. Just released is the Hammered Hardshell Case ($50), which comes in sizes suited to the 11” and 13” MacBook Air. It’s made from plastic, but is molded to look like it was pounded on by a smith’s hammer. We’re surprised by how cool it looks.

Like Incase’s earlier Perforated Hardshell Case, Hammered Hardshell Case comes in two pieces—one each for the top and bottom halves of the computer. It snaps on, leaving access to all the ports and with ventilation holes on the underside of the machine. Incase has said that a Retina MacBook Pro version of the case should be coming in the near future.

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