Incase Terra Collection Tote Bag

So many of the computer bags on the market range in aesthetics from neutral to masculine, and the average bag is titled more heavily towards the latter. If you’re searching for a simple and more feminine way to carry an 11” or 13” Mac, we’ve found it: Incase’s Terra Collection Tote Bag is really nice looking, with a rare purse-style design. The company also has sleeves and a backpack in the collection; they’re a good alternative to the usual black and brown options we see so many of.

Part of the appeal of Tote Bag is its natural rather than synthetic appearance, though Incase doesn’t elaborate on the materials used in the design. Inside the main cavity is a padded pocket for your computer, and there are a few others around the outside for your accessories. Also included is a removable shoulder strap, for those who’d rather let the bag hang a bit lower.

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