iZotope The T-Pain Engine

What would happen if Apple decided to release a crunk version of GarageBand? Chances are, it would look a lot like iZotope’s The T-Pain Engine ($20*), now available for a 33% introductory discount on the Mac App Store. With a steampunk look and intuitive controls, this app is all you need to make the new club hit.

You start your song by laying down the beat—there are over 50 to choose from, and each was approved by Mr. Pain himself. Once you’ve adjusted the beat to how you want it, you can record up to two tracks of vocals, whether it be singing or rapping. And of course the next step is the T-Pain Effect, or Auto-Tune as its known to the rest of the world. Once the track is set, The T-Pain Engine lets you share it via your social networks or burn it to a CD, if that’s still your thing.

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