j5 create USB HDMI + DVI Display Adapters

Adapters to turn a Mac’s USB port into a second display have become fairly common over the past couple of years, but options with Mac-matching aesthetics are few and far between. j5 create’s USB Display Adapters are different: available in HDMI ($100), DVI ($70), and even VGA ($70) versions, each has a Mac-matching silver aluminum body with white and silver plastic ends, a white USB cable, and a single female port for video output. Connect it to your Mac and you can hook up an external monitor of your choice—j5 create notes that certain computers can support as many as 6 displays over USB, provided that they have dual-core processors and 2GB or more of free RAM.

Thanks to the aluminum used for most of their casings, the USB Display Adapters feel more substantial and look more Apple-like than competing versions we’ve tested; they’re only modestly shy of what we’d expect from Apple itself, and then, not in important ways. j5 create includes software on CD for the Adapters, supporting display rotation, 1920×1200 typical resolution output, and 720p resolution for video playback for Macs and Windows PCs.

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