Jeremiah Collection Mid Century Desk

Even as technology advances, our tastes long for the past. Even though their materials differ, Apple’s metal and glass devices can be paired with equally beautiful wooden furniture that reminds us of the way things were. The Jeremiah Collection Mid Century Desk ($1,750-$1,850) is a wood desk that complements the modern design of your iMac.

Jeremiah Collection Mid Century Desk

Handcrafted in San Francisco, it’s assembled in 6-12 weeks after the order is placed in your choice of three different sizes and two different types of wood.

Cable management can be a nightmare, no matter how retro or modern the desk is. Mid Century Desk has an 8” cubby in the back that allows users to easily hide pesky cords, routers and and other desk clutter.

The desk is made from either walnut or white oak, or a mix of the two varying between the desktop and legs. Each is finished with hard natural oil; the drawers can be either walnut or white gloss, depending on your preference.