Kanex mLinq

Back in the old days—say, last year—the idea of a Mac running four displays was impossible unless you had a customized Mac Pro. But now that Kanex has released mLinq ($99), which adds an HDMI adapter to any Mac with an open USB port, it’s possible that even current 27-inch iMac users will be able to pull off that feat. Most recent Mac owners will be capable of running up to three displays at once.

mLinq requires an Intel-based Mac with one empty USB port, and carries both audio and video to a female HDMI output. It does require a simple one-time driver install, but after that it’s plug and play. Older Macs don’t have Mini DisplayPort, so mLinq is a great way to get them streaming HD content wherever you need it. And if you’re lucky enough to have one of the brand new 27-inch iMacs? You’ve got one display on the machine itself, two more from the Thunderbolt ports, and a fourth from this adapter. That’s enough real estate to make people jealous.

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