Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Lock

If you take your MacBook out in public and walk away for a few minutes, there’s a fair risk that someone is going to try to steal it. In fact, there’s probably someone looking over your shoulder right now just waiting until you get up to use the bathroom. Locks are generally too much of a hassle, but they’re also a lot smarter than just trusting your Mac to keep itself safe in a room full of strangers. So Kensington is making things easier with its ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Lock ($45). There’s a carbon-reinforced cord and a special lock to attach to your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Rather than having to turn a key to lock up your machine each time, this set has a piece that stays in the Kensington lock slot found on the MacBook and MacBook Pro (yes, that’s the oval-shaped hole on the left or the right side). When it’s time to secure the machine, just pop the lock on the little nub that’s sticking out of the slot. And that’s it. Thankfully undoing the lock isn’t quite that easy—unless you have Kensington’s keys.

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