Kensington MicroSaver Ultrabook Laptop Keyed Lock

Hopefully, no one will try to steal your MacBook. But just in case it ever happens, you’ll want to be ready. Since MacBook Airs and Retina-equipped MacBooks don’t have lock-slots, Kensington has come up with a solution called the MicroSaver Ultrabook Laptop Keyed Lock ($50). You’ll have to blemish your laptop’s lid to use it, but for users in high-risk environments, that’s better than losing it altogether.

MicroSaver comes with what Kensington calls a K-slot adapter, a round attachment that fits on the top of your computer. This is then used to connect to the T-bar locking mechanism at the end up a six-foot long carbon-strengthened steel cable. While it’s not the absolute best solution we can think of, it works, and isn’t terribly unattractive. Also lind of cool: Kensington offers free online key registration, allowing you to get a replacement key if you ever lose yours.

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