Even though Kensington continues to add new categories to its product lineup, the company’s name is perhaps best known for computer locking solutions. Today it has introduced a few new options for security-conscious Mac users, including the SafeDock MacBook Air Security Dock & Keyed Lock ($100). This dock is available for both the 11” and 13” models, and offers more than just hardware to lock up your Air. Thankfully, one of Kensington’s Clicksafe Locks is included in the price.

Kensington made SafeDock really simple to use: you just slide your computer into it, flip up the aluminum security gate on the back, and snap the lock into place—after you’ve wrapped the cable around something secure, of course. The dock itself angles the keyboard a little bit, while a built-in 4” stand provides an even higher viewing angle. SafeDock doesn’t block any of the Air’s ports, and works with any of the second-gen models, including those introduced at WWDC last week.