Knomo 15” Helena Shoulder Bag with Flap

Most of the MacBook bags we feature are pretty masculine or unisex; Knomo’s 15” Helena Shoulder Bag with Flap ($350) is designed with female customers in mind. It looks a lot more like a purse than a backpack or messenger bag, but still has room for up to a 15” laptop. Made of real leather, the bag is available in brown, black, and nutmeg colors, each with large shoulder straps.

In addition to room for your MacBook, there are pockets for accessories such as external hard drives and your iPhone. Helena really is one of the better purse-style bags we’ve seen in a while. Oddly, this is one of the few instances of a product being available for $20 less than its normal retail price when ordered directly from Apple. A red version of the bag can be had for $330.

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