Kor Delta, One + Vida Hydration Vessels

If you can look past Kor’s eyebrow-arching use of the phrase “hydration vessels,” one sip will immediately demonstrate why the company’s beautifully-designed products aren’t just your standard water bottles. Unlike other bottles we’ve tried, Kor’s threadless “Perfect Spout” has been specifically designed to feel smooth on your lips, using a flip-open locking top to stay shut when you’re carrying it around. And between the original model One ($30-$35), more easily-toted Delta ($20-$23), and metal Vida ($22-$25), there are plenty of options to match the look of any Mac you may be using, from early iMac-like bright plastic colors to the varied metals of later and recent machines.

Featured as Tony Stark’s chlorophyll container of choice in Iron Man 2, Kor’s One is probably its best-known design, with all of its plastic colors save for the Limited Edition chrome version going for $30. Delta’s triangular top and cupholder-friendly size were the reasons we opted for that version instead, though there are fewer colors and two sizes (500ml/750ml) to choose from. Made from steel and sold in silver, black, or white versions, Vida preserves the Perfect Spout and comes in two sizes, as well. We love the way these bottles look; they’re designed to be great alternatives to continuously tossing bottled water containers out, and succeed.

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