KroNick Photo Police


KroNick Photo Police

Photoshop is a great thing—it lets you bring out the best in your photos by making adjustments until every pixel is exactly how you want it. And, of course, it also lets you hide anything that you may not want to be seen; blemishes, ex-lovers, those kinds of things. New software from KroNick may just throw a wrench into your plan to convince people that your photographs are perfect: Photo Police ($2) actually exposes portions of photos that have been corrected.

The app works by showing low-bit data, which is noisy and visually distinctive under the right settings. Simply import any JPEG files into the app, and you’ll see if and where there was work done. Fair warning though: some cameras and software show the noise that Photo Police exposes even when the photo hasn’t been altered, meaning that the app’s not always 100% accurate. For $2 though, it’s at least a good start for amateur and professional sleuthing.

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