LaCie 2big NAS

LaCie clearly knows what it’s doing with hard drives, particularly when it comes to designing enclosures that appeal to Mac users. The newest addition to its lineup is a drive case called 2big NAS, which is available either as an empty enclosure for $299, or pre-filled with 6TB of storage for $649. It’s being positioned as a great solution for small businesses, with remote access over FTP, SFTP, or HTTP file transfer. You can pop in any two 3.5” drives, up to 3TB each, and it comes with support for RAID 1 mirroring.

The enclosure supports both Macs and PCs, with compatibility for Time Machine right out of the box. 2big NAS has one Ethernet port for connecting to your network, as well as one eSATA and one USB port for expanding the storage capabilities; if you’re just using the drive at home for media, it can serve as an iTunes server, too. Fans of LaCie’s industrial designs should be excited by this one, especially if some spare drives are just sitting around, ready to be tossed into something much more appealing and powerful.

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