LaCie 5TB Hard Drive


LaCie 5TB Hard Drive

Usually it’s new external components for hard drives that get the attention, not the guts. But LaCie has just introduced a brand new drive to fit inside some of its flagship products, and it’s worth taking note. The new 5TB Hard Drive is available in products ranging from $449 to $2,499, including the company’s d2, 2big, and 5big. This means you can now store up to 25TB of data in a single enclosure.


All three of the supported drives sport Thunderbolt connections, meaning they’ll be able to transfer that huge quantity of data at impressive speeds. We’ve always been impressed with the way LaCie’s drives look and function, so adding such high capacities is appreciated. And considering where hard drive prices were just a few years ago, $449 for 5TB doesn’t strike us as crazy at all.

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