LaCie Porsche Design USB Key

Porsche Design is known for its industrial aesthetic, often incorporating metal elements and simple, clean lines into established accessories. The new LaCie Porsche Design USB Key ($30-$50) takes the company’s theory to its logical endpoint: it’s a brushed steel stick, packing a USB 3.0 connection and your choice of 16 or 32GB of storage space. A square opening at the back end allows you to clip it to your keys. It’s not a stretch to call it almost undesigned.

Thankfully, LaCie augments its storage accessories with extra features. To start, there’s 256-bit encryption, including the ability to create a secure area on the flash drive for personal data. There’s also a matching amount of cloud storage through the company’s Wuala service, giving you the ability to back up your data offsite as well.

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