Leef Copper Edition Drives

Not the most technologically advanced products we’ve ever covered, Leef’s Copper Edition Drives ($15-$60) are still pretty cool. Available in three different form factors, they all share one thing in common: the use of copper, one of tech’s most underrated materials. With capacities ranging from 16GB to 64GB, they should offer enough storage for your on-the-go needs.

Magnet USB 3.0 Drive is the first of the drives. It comes with a magnetic cap, and has an LED embedded in the back end that glows when plugged in. Then there’s Surge. While it’s only USB 2.0, it’s also the smallest of the bunch. The only piece that sticks out of your Mac is a small cylinder. Finally, Ice is USB 3.0, like Magnet. It has a larger acrylic base though, for an even greater glow.

Nick Guy

Nick Guy was an Accessories Editor at iLounge. He had reviewed thousands of iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories; provided visitors comprehensive evaluations of products on the industry-leading independent authority.