LittleFin Chronicle

Tired of begging your debtors to waive the late fee “just this one time” because you forgot your bills were due? If you need a gentle nudge each month, it’s probably worth investing in Chronicle ($15) from LittleFin. This Mac App Store title is a really easy way to keep track of all the money you owe, and it costs less than a typical overdraft fee.

On top of reminders, the app gives you other useful information such as statistics about your expenditures, as well as the ability to pay your bills online. We also like that it’s not self-contained. Put a due date in and Chronicle will automatically send it to iCal. If you have MobileMe now—and once iCloud is live—those reminders will automatically head to your iPhone and iPad, too. On top of it all, seeing a pie chart of your debt shrinking will just feel good.

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