Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600

Borrowing the unique soft touch rubber and fabric grille design debuted in UE Boom, Logitech’s new Bluetooth Speakers Z600 ($150) have been tweaked to match the looks and needs of Apple’s MacBooks. Featuring a tapered tube shape that may remind some users of a nuclear power plant, Z600 now consists of two satellite speakers, each packed with three audio drivers. All the controls are hidden on the right speaker, which connects to the left speaker with lay-flat cabling, then to your Mac with either Bluetooth 2.0 wireless or a 3.5mm audio cable.

Just like UE Boom, Z600’s rugged-looking fabric grilles wrap around most of the speakers’ bodies, revealing only small rubber top and side surfaces for controls. A capacitive touch surface atop the right speaker lets you gesture around the edge to adjust volume, while pairing and power buttons are on the back with ports. Logitech includes a Bluetooth adapter for the relatively few computers that don’t already have Bluetooth output support, and supports pairing of Z600 with up to three devices.

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