Logitech Gaming Keyboards + Mice

On a number of occasions, we’ve written about the growth of gaming on the Mac, in terms of Apple’s computers themselves as well as the software and hardware that goes along with them. Now Logitech, a company that already produces a number of highly regarded Apple-centric accessories, is hopping on board too. It announced its Logitech G gaming lineup last month, and has now updated its Logitech Gaming Software to support Macs. This includes its entire lineup of keyboards and mice ($40-$200).

Logitech currently offers eight different mice, and nine different keyboards, all designed specifically for gaming. On the mouse side of things, there are optical and laser models, some of which are wired and others that are wireless. There’s even a dedicated MMO option. When it comes to keyboards, you have the choice of models that have a standard QWERTY layout, as well as G13 Advanced Gameboard, a 25-key pad.

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