Logitech MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse

There’s no doubt that Logitech has become the household name in human interface devices like mice and keyboards, however we’re impressed by the ways in which the company continues to push the envelope with new design ideas. Last year’s MX Ergo trackball, for instance, brought back the classic trackball in a really great ergonomic design, and now the company seems to be following up that idea with MX Vertical, a new “Advanced Ergonomic Mouse” that borrows some of the same ideas to provide what may be the most uniquely designed mouse we’ve ever seen.

MX Vertical essentially turns the classic mouse design on its side, putting your hand in a considerably more comfortable position by placing most of the buttons and controls at a 57-degree angle, designed to keep your hand in a more natural position while reducing muscle strain and improving posture. It’s almost like using a mouse on its side, with the hand oriented in what Logitech says is a “natural handshake position” while providing a thumb rest for support on one side. Logitech has also built in an advanced 4000 DPI high-precision optical sensor and added a cursor speed switch similar to that found on MX Ergo last year, which the company claims will reduce the hand movement required by up to four times, and of course it also includes all of the other advanced features that Logitech users will be familiar with, such as customizable buttons through the company’s Logitech Options software, and support for Easy-Switch and Flow to allow users to smoothly use MX Vertical with up to three devices.

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