Luma Labs The Loop V2


Luma Labs The Loop V2

When we first saw Luma Labs’ The Loop, we balked at the very idea of coughing up $70 for a glorified camera strap. We thought it couldn’t possibly be worth the price. But over time, the weight of a 5D Mark II and a 70-200 lens added up, so we sought relief from neck strain—by then, Luma had introduced The Loop V2. Now we’re hooked, and would never go back to an old-fashioned neck strap again. The Loop V2 redistributes your camera’s weight across your shoulder, chest and back, holding it at your hip like a gunslinger. When you want to take a shot, the camera slides up the band towards your chest, sliding back to your side to rest between photos.

Quality materials make The Loop V2 feel almost entirely worthy of the asking price. The strap is made primarily from thick but soft nylon, with a metal length adjuster and matching D-rings. Only a release buckle is made from plastic, and even so, it’s serious, durable stuff. Thick leather and neoprene are stitched together to pad the Luma Loop at your shoulder, and a heavy-duty steel bolt and ball bearing system is used to attach and detach your camera from the strap as necessary. Luma coats the bolt with rubber rings to avoid scratching your camera, and the spring-loaded locking mechanism is awesomely sturdy. We were concerned before we made the purchase. Not any more. After months of shooting with The Loop V2, we’d recommend it unconditionally—assuming you can find it, as Luma seems to have problems keeping it in stock. Once you try one, you’ll understand why.

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