Luxa2 MacBook Screen Protectors

Luxa2 MacBook Screen Protectors
Luxa2 MacBook Screen Protectors

The options Apple provides for upgrading MacBooks to anti-glare displays have remained limited since it switched all of its computers to glossy screens several years ago. Today, anti-glare displays are only available as customization options on the 15” and 17” MacBook Pros, and the former comes at a $150 premium—MacBook Air and 13” MacBook Pro users are totally out of luck. Thankfully there are aftermarket anti-glare solutions, including some from Luxa2: AR1 ($25) for the 13” MacBook Pro and AR2 ($27) for the 15” model are inexpensive ways to protect and reduce glare on your screen. Coming soon are MacBook Air versions called AR3 and the hard coated transparent HC3, previewed at this year’s CES show.

Luxa2’s user-friendly installation process promises to prevent bubbles from forming, and the company claims that the PET material used for the film maintains image quality, color contrast, and clarity, all while getting rid of the glare. While we’ve seen similar-looking film options from companies such as Moshi and Power Support in the past, Luxa2’s options are more affordable; hopefully we’ll have a chance to directly compare their quality against rivals in the very near future.

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