M-Audio Fast Track

Alright rockstar, you’ve got the Mac. You’ve got the instruments. You’ve got the mic. The only thing holding you back from making that platinum record at this point is a way to get your tunes flowing into your computer. Enter M-Audio’s Fast Track ($150). This simple breakout box is an incredibly straightforward solution for musicians recording to their Macs.

Fast Track has a standard 1/4” input for your guitar, bass, or keyboard, and an output for your monitor. What’s cool about the mic input is that unlike most budget boxes that only support unpowered microphones, this one features switchable +48V phantom power, allowing you to use powered mics. Of course the unit works with Garage Band, but if that’s not your thing, no worries. It works with plenty of other software popular recording apps including Logic, and comes bundled with Pro Tools SE.

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