If you’re a musician on the go, M-Audio’s Keystation Mini 32 ($100) is an easy solution. This keyboard shrinks the company’s well-regarded line of MIDI music controllers down to an accessory that’s just longer than a MacBook Pro—really easy to toss in a bag and take with you, but still big enough to be totally useful at your workstation. There are even four customizable controls, three buttons and a knob.

One thing that’s always been great about M-Audio’s keyboards, and remains true with Keystation Mini 32, is the absolute ease of use; the devices really are just plug and play. Keystation Mini 32 connects and is powered by a simple USB cable, and will work with most any music software, including GarageBand. If you have Apple’s Camera Connection Kit, you can even hook it up to your iPad. Hobbyists and pros will both benefit from the convenience factors here.