Macally Ecopadpro

If you’re using your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for anything processor-intensive—Photoshop, iMovie, or even Final Cut Pro X—you’ve probably heard a fan spin up and felt the machine get hotter. Macally has a new multifaceted solution to help reduce overheating: Ecopadpro ($40). Made from bamboo as an environmentally-friendly accessory, it’s a stand, a fan, and a peripheral tray with nice wood styling.

Ecopadpro can be used in two orientations. In the first setup, it’s a pad that raises your computer up a bit, and a segment can be pulled out to be used as a surface for your mouse. When you flip it around, it turns into an angled stand with five different heights. Right in the center is a USB-powered fan to draw away some of the heat. If you’re in need of a cooling pad, or just want to bring a little wood into your Mac setup to balance out the glass and metal, Ecopadpro offers a neat solution.

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