Macally Super-Speed USB 3.0 Aluminum Storage Enclosure

It took a few years for Apple to hop on board with USB 3.0, but the technology is now standard on new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers—each has a pair of the high-speed ports—and they’re surely coming to the desktops sooner rather than later. Macally was quick to take advantage of Cupertino getting with the times by introducing its Super-Speed USB 3.0 Aluminum Storage Enclosure ($70). Similar to G-Technology’s drives, this affordable Mac-matching enclosure will fit nicely alongside your favorite computer, holding your choice of hard drives inside.

Made of aluminum with grating for ventilation on the front, it’s easy to see this box as a Mac Pro sibling. It doesn’t come preinstalled with a hard drive, instead offering space for you to supply any 3.5” SATA platter. Just pop it in, connect the drive to your Mac, and you’re good to go at speeds of up to 5Gbps. If you’re still on an older machine, don’t worry: the USB 3.0 port is backwards-compatible with 2.0 and even 1.1, so you can enjoy the looks even without the speed.

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