Macessity Mi360 Rotating Mount Bracket for Mac mini

It’s hard not to love the Mac mini—despite its power, it’s really small, and runs so quiet that you mightn’t even know it’s there. That said, the desk space it occupies might be a valuable commodity. If you’re going to mount it under your desk, consider checking out Mi360 Rotating Mount Bracket ($55) from Macessity. Designed for 2010 and newer Mac minis, it has the unique ability to spin all the way around, handy for accessing everything that’s hidden on the computer’s back.

Mi360 holds your computer in an “aluminum color” tray, leaving the front and back exposed. Once the bracket has been mounted, it can spin 360° thanks to a ball bearing system. This means you have access to all the ports and the SD card slot on the back without having to paw at them blindly. And if you’re worried about someone snatching your Mac mini, Mi360 has a tab for you to slide through a lock, keeping it safe and secure.

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