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Updated MacBook Air Lock MacBook Air Lock MacBook Air Lock MacBook Air Lock

We’ve been looking for a way to secure the latest MacBook Airs for a while; the big issue has been the lack of a lock slot. At one point, it seemed that Griffin’s TechSafe Cable Lock System would do the trick, but that wound up not working out as it should have. Thankfully, we’ve finally found a way to secure the Air with’s MacBook Air Lock ($40-$60). It definitely takes a different approach than any security systems we’ve seen before—one that some users will be more comfortable with than others—but appears to do the trick.

Since the Air doesn’t have a tethering point, MacBook Air Lock adds one via a plastic case. You can snap it on like a standard shell, although to secure the machine completely you actually remove some screws from the machine, put the bottom half of the case in place, and replace the screws with longer ones that are included in the bundle. The slot sticks out from the top right corner, and it works with any standard cable lock. sells the cases by themselves, but also in bundles with either key or combination locks. They’re available for both the 11” and 13” models.

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