Maclocks iMac Cable Lock + RAM Security Plate

At home, the idea of locking down your Mac—especially a large, heavy iMac—doesn’t really make sense, but in education and business environments, this may be an important consideration. Not surprisingly, Maclocks has a solution for Apple’s desktop machines with its iMac Cable Lock ($40+). A six-foot long steel cable can be wrapped around your desk or table, and then the lock gets snapped into the slot beneath the power port; two keys are included to unlock it. Even more interesting is the optional $10 RAM Security Plate—a solution to a little-discussed problem.

While many people—including us—would question whether anyone is actually going to steal RAM from an iMac, the latest model has made that pretty easy. Maclocks’ new security plate locks the power plug in place, making the button that pops open the RAM door on the 27” iMac inaccessible. It’s obviously not necessary for everyone, but under some circumstances, this complete solution could make sense.

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