Maclocks MacBook Pro Retina Lock Bracket

The name might not be totally clear—Maclocks uses several different product names on its own page—but what’s obvious is the purpose behind the company’s MacBook Pro Retina Lock Bracket ($70). It secures your 13” or 15” MacBook Pro with Retina display, making sure the computer doesn’t wander away when you get up. Because Apple has all but eliminated Kensington lock slots on its machines, third-party options such as this one are necessary.

The solution works with a wedge bracket locking system, which connects to the back edge of the computer’s underside. Once this is attached, the machine gets elevated at a slight angle, and you have a place to connect your lock. There’s no great way to add a setup like this, but we find Maclocks’ system to be about as elegant as it gets.

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