Macphun Noiseless

Although recent iPhone cameras have gotten significantly better at low-light photography, it’s still inevitable that some graininess or “noise” will mar the surface of your photos when shooting in less ideal lighting conditions. Professional tools like Lightroom offer some capability of dealing with this, but running everything through Lightroom or Photoshop may be too much for the casual photographer to deal with. Fortunately, Macphun’s Noiseless ($18), provides a much simpler, lower-cost alternative. Designed with simplicity in mind, Noiseless provides a “one-button” solution for removing digital noise from photos while keeping the detail and color intact.

The “Smart Noise Detection” algorithm also means that you won’t be fussing with a bunch of settings — the app takes care of everything automatically, analyzing each pixel and choosing the best preset to take away noise without losing detail. Manual adjustments are still possible, however, with an advanced settings panel that lets you fine tune your image structure and color, as well as handle selective filtering based on tonal range, and crop and rotate your photos. Results can be quickly shared on social media, and images can be imported from iPhoto or Aperture, with Photos for Mac support coming soon.

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