Macphun Software Tonality

The forthcoming departure of the powerful image editor and manager Aperture from the OS X ecosystem has hit many photographers right in the gut. If you’re searching for an alternative and enjoy black & white photography, Macphun Software offers up Tonality ($20) for your pleasure. Tonality is a 16-bit RAW image editing application that allows users to quickly and efficiently process color RAW (or other format) images to Black & White.

Tonality packs over one hundred fifty black & white processing presets—yes, there are that many ways to process black & white. For users looking to control RAW images in finer detail, Tonality offers a variety of image controls that user can fine-tune. Control sliders such as tone, clarity & structure, color filter, tone curve, split tone and more give Aperture users familiar settings to edit their images. Tonality also allows users to emulate classic film looks from Fuji, Illford, Kodak and more. If you’re a photographer who fancies working in black & white, Tonality is worth checking out.

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