Mactaris Sight Control

Sight Control ($5) is the first app from Mactaris, and it’s a really cool idea: the app automatically identifies the camera built-in to your Mac, whether it’s an older iSight or more recent FaceTime/FaceTime HD camera, and then gives you total control over its output. You can adjust a number of settings including the exposure time, contrast, saturation, and white balance temperature until the picture is just how you want it. From there, almost any of your photo or video apps such as iChat/Messages, FaceTime, and Skype will reflect the changes.

We like Sight Control because it’s not applying filters after you’ve taken pictures or video; moving the sliders back and forth results in real-time, immediate changes. If you ever want to get back to the settings you’re used to, simply hit the “Result to Default” button and it’s all reset. This app could be particularly handy for MacBook Air users, as Apple’s thinnest laptop has a pretty weak camera, and being able to tweak its settings could mean the difference between merely an acceptable picture and a truly good one.

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