Made by Cardinal Lifta

If there’s a material other than aluminum that Apple accessory makers seem to love, it’s wood. Time and time again, we see products that use the natural material, which plays so well against the silver and black of today’s Macs. The newest addition to that club is Lifta ($125), from Made by Cardinal. Billed as a “minimalist desk organizer,” the wooden lift seems like a great complement to the iMac.

Available in ash, oak, or baltic birch plywood, Lifta exists to do three things: lift a computer to an ergonomic height, hide peripherals, and keep a desk neat. 24” wide, 9.5” deep, and 2” tall, it’s like a little bridge under which a keyboard, mouse, or trackpad can fit. $125 may seem like a lot for the straightforward architecture, but it’s hard to argue with the aesthetic appeal.

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