Madminds The Tilt Cooling Stand for MacBook Pro

We don’t normally feature products that are still in the funding phase on Kickstarter, but Madminds’ The Tilt Cooling Stand for MacBook Pro ($45-$55) is just too neat not to showcase. On the surface, it’s a cooling stand, but inside, it’s something special. Made exclusively for the unibody MacBook Pro, the shape, color, and even the cooling system are designed to specifically fit Apple’s notebooks. Right now the company is offering a 15” model, and has a 13” version in development. The Tilt latches onto the bottom of your machine and while it definitely makes it a bit thicker, it certainly doesn’t look out of place. Our favorite feature is the integrated tripod thread, which allows you to mount your computer on any standard tripod. We could see that being really useful in certain settings.

When it actually goes on sale, The Tilt will cost $55. Madminds is offering a few different funding levels that’ll save you some money with your early support. $45 will get you a 15” version of The Tilt, as well as a microfiber bag to hold it along with your computer. If the idea strikes you as worthwhile, consider supporting the effort—we’re just waiting to see the 11” MacBook Air versions.

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