Magic Connector Magic Trackpad Base

Apple’s Magic Trackpad is the pointing mechanism of choice for our editors’ desktop machines, and the Multi-Touch glass and aluminum accessory can be useful away from the desk too: it’s perfect for controlling home theater machines such as a Mac mini hooked up to your TV. But unless you have a hard surface to set it down on, you’ll lose the ability to physically click with its buttons. A solution has arrived in Magic Connector’s new Magic Trackpad Base ($20).

Although it looks like a simple slab of aluminum, Magic Trackpad Base is actually pretty ingenious. All you have to do it set your Magic Trackpad on it, and the two magnetically connect—making it easy to separate them when you need to. The Base provides a surface that interacts with the Magic Trackpad’s bottom corner-mounted buttons. Once they’re together, you have the hard surface you need for all of your left- and right-clicking adventures, wherever they may be.

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