Man Up Time Pathways Into Darkness


Man Up Time Pathways Into Darkness

If you’re relatively new to the Mac world, you may not be familiar with 1993’s Pathways Into Darkness (Free). The first person shooter, from Bungie Software—yes, the Bungie behind Halo—was groundbreaking for its time. Now, 20 years later, Man Up Time has faithfully reproduced the title and made it available at no cost in the Mac App Store. It’s a faithful recreation, and should be fun for both those who remember the game, and those who’ve never heard of it.

You play as a character trying to prevent a sleeping god from waking. After surviving an almost-disastrous jump from a plane, you awaken with only a knife and a flashlight, and have to battle through hordes of aliens to escape. The game is spread out over four windows: there’s the main window, with all the graphics, as well as one for messages, another for your inventory, and the last with your stats. It’s a fun throwback, and for many, it will be a great piece of nostalgia.

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