Many Tricks Moom

Chances are your Mac’s virtual desktop is as messy as the physical desk it’s sitting on. Sure, OS X Lion is going to push users towards full-screen apps, and blending Dashboard, Exposé, and Spaces into Mission Control when it launches in July—a great way to move between windows. But Lion isn’t made for working with a bunch of them at once. That’s where Many Tricks’ Moom ($5) comes in. With one or two clicks, you can automatically resize, move, and snap windows together, shortcuts that let you quickly reference two or four apps at a time for simultaneous use.

There are several levels of control, but the most basic is dead simple. Just hover your mouse over the Moom-redefined green resize button in any app window, and you’ll get the option to anchor the window to different positions and sizes. It’s perfect for seeing multiple windows at once without having to resize them; imagine placing Mail and Safari side by side with just two clicks. Within seconds, you can redefine your desktop to include two, four, or more windows in different places, ideal for large displays. There’s a free trial version that lets you enjoy 100 uses of the features; you can then upgrade to the full version for unlimited use.

Nick Guy

Nick Guy was an Accessories Editor at iLounge. He had reviewed thousands of iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories; provided visitors comprehensive evaluations of products on the industry-leading independent authority.