Martin Konrad Gloeckle Bendino Lamp


Martin Konrad Gloeckle Bendino Lamp

Flat lighting just took on a whole new meaning. Check out designer Martin Konrad Gloeckle’s Bendino Lamp ($72), available from online retailer Sleek Identity. It’s a playful take on a standard lamp that takes what you’re used to and shrinks it down to two dimensions, creating something that almost resembles your Mac’s icons.

Instead of a traditional shade, Bendino is made of a steel plate in the shape of a lamp with lightbulb behind it showing through a cutout. The lamp comes in magenta, green, white, or black, each of which are only available in limited quantities. If you’re thinking about picking one of them up for a holiday gift, you may want to stalk out the site to ensure you get your desired color.

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