Master Lock dialSpeed 1500eDBX Electronic Combination Lock

While the rest of the world is evolving rapidly, padlocks haven’t changed much in decades. Thankfully, Master Lock has found a cool way to incorporate modern technology within a classic shell: its dialSpeed 1500eDBX ($25) is a unique digital combination lock—and a cool way to confound thieves familiar with traditional lock-picking techniques. Gone are the days of turning right, left, and then right again: dialSpeed instead relies on a code of your choosing, set with a four-way directional pad on its face; if you forget the combination and need access to the lock, you can use your Mac to retrieve a code to open it.

dialSpeed comes with a user-replaceble five-year battery, and can hold three guest codes in addition to the primary one. If you ever forget the combination, just point your Mac’s browser to Master Lock’s website and you can pull up the Backup Master Code, or multiple codes stored within the company’s online Vault service. The electronics inside are paired with a boron carbide shackle for additional physical security. We’d feel quite comfortable securing an office or locker with this lock.

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